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Our mission is to provide clients with a high level of craftsmanship at a reasonable rate they can afford while delivering a positive experience from start to finish.

          G Family Construction/Grabham Family Construction was founded over 30 years ago by our father James Grabham. During that period he practiced the art of carpentry and fine craftsmanship. While young, all three Grabham boys (James, David, and Jon) served as an apprentice to their father who taught them integrity, work ethic, and the skills of carpentry. In 1998 James passed away and the brothers felt they needed additional work experience and to further their education in the field in order to carry on the company name. They spent the next 3 years working for high-end construction companies, refining their carpentry skills and gaining the experience to run their own jobs. In 2001 David and Jon created G Family, Inc., ready to demonstrate the knowledge and ability that they had mastered in their many years in the field. Starting with decks & fences, they worked from one referral to the next. Throughout the next 13 years, G Family, Inc. grew by leaps and bounds. Integrity and a hunger for excellence were at the heart of their work and the skill of their hands. Always pushing their craft to the limits, they earned a reputation for high quality craftsmanship. By working as a team they cover twice the amount of ground with hands on site supervision. While most contractors only make it out to the job site to meet with the client, Jon & David oversee each project from start to finish. This enables them to find ways to make your project better and more cost effective. This also assures quality & safety control at the heart of the project, and builds a great working relationship with the client.

          Continuing the legacy that James Grabham set forth over 30 years ago, the brothers have hand selected apprentices of their own. All G Family employees demonstrate the same qualities that are at the foundation of the G Family Company. By spending one on one time training each employee, we are assured that the standard of quality we expect from them is achieved. Beside the time spent at work together, all G Family employees get together regularly for BBQs, birthdays, and other personal events to build a sense of brotherhood throughout the company. Due to our high standards when selecting employees, we have an extremely low employee turnover rate.

          G Family, Inc. and G Design, LLC. are a family owned and operated Design-Build team that thrives on innovation, superior craftsmanship, and strong client and company relationships. We aim to anticipate and understand our client’s needs and deliver a project that will surpass their expectations. With our extensive experience and commitment to excellence, the reality is that our client relationships and the work we do tend to last for life. Today we are still pushing the envelope on possibility. Teaming the newest technology of both materials and tools in the industry, with the most basic philosophy of hard work, G Family Inc. is making dreams come true one job at a time.

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We donate to our commuity in the following ways:

HeadsUp! Foundation | Davidson Music Department | St Patrick's School |

San Rafael High School Athletic Dept | Coleman Elementary School |

Twin Cities Little League | AfricaFoundation.org | Huckleberry Youth Programs

2020 G Family Toy Drive



We provide and collect many toys to benefit children in need during the holidays. Contact us to find out how you can help! 

David Grabham
Owner/Principle Designer/Project Manager
Jon Grabham
Owner/Project Manager
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General Manager
Sister to David, Jon, and Eva
With the company for over 10 years!
Billing Department
Project Manager
BIM Tech/ Project Manager/ IT
Human Resources
Assistant Project Manager
Graphic Design & Admin. Jon's Wife.
Office Admin
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Structural Engineer
Associate Designer
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2020 G Family Toy Drive