G Family, Inc and G Design, LLC  are a full service Design & Build firm specializing in all types of residential and light commercial "foundation-through-finish" build projects in Northern California. We undertake everything from complete custom new builds and remodels to minor repairs with integrity and superior craftsmanship. Our highest priority is providing excellent customer service and ensuring a positive experience from the consultation through the completion of the project. We provide services that can take your project from conception, including space planning, design, interior design, architectural drafting, engineering, permit ready plans, 3D walk through, obtaining permits, all the way through construction and completion. We are flexible in our approach, and can also provide design-only as well as construction-only services to suit your needs.


Design & Build combines all aspects of design services, construction services, and project management into one Design & Build team that works together to efficiently complete your project. We can budget the costs in the concept phase. Working with one integrated team from start to finish has many advantages over trying to coordinate resources between design firms, construction companies, and project managers. Not only does it save you money, but it leads to a better quality job because designers with a background in building are the best designers.

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Quality Work- Design & Build firms know not only what it will take to draw your project up on paper, but to build and finance your project as well. This building experience gives them a major advantage when planning your design, as they design your project to meet performance and budgetary needs, not just minimum design requirements. This innovative approach often results in developing projects even better than initially imagined. Furthermore, the construction goes more smoothly because the designer is able to think like a builder and anticipate and counter act potential problems, and the contractors and designers are working side by side, in constant communication.

Cost Savings- Design & Build firms also know how to design the project so that the construction will fit within your budget. With actual building experience, they project how much materials and labor will cost up front, and can gear your project to meet your needs from the beginning. Anticipating the construction process also means better preparation for the actual build of your job, resulting in fewer changes and unexpected costs down the road.

Better Communication- Means less work for the Homeowner. Working as a team allows designers and builders to have streamlined communication, resulting in a smooth project flow. This not only means less work for the designers, builders, and administrators which keeps costs down, but also means less work for the homeowner as they only have one office to call, one bill to pay, and one plan to follow. Trying to coordinate between architects, builders, and sub contractors individually about scheduling, billing, and planning can be a huge headache. Design Build firms take care of all of that in one harmonious swoop.

Faster Turnaround- It is no surprise that jobs done with the Design & Build approach finish faster than those built using separate firms. Working as a team brings efficiency and means less time wasted trying to communicate and fix problems such as design changes, budget misconceptions, and scheduling, and more time getting quality work done. This means more time for you to enjoy your new Design & Build project.


We can design and build your project from the ground up! Starting a new construction project can be a daunting task, but with a Design & Build firm, we can guide you through the whole process, from concept to completion. Our team of designers, draftsmen, and interior designers can help you plan every aspect of your project, including preliminary designs and schematics, obtaining variances to comply with local zoning restrictions, selecting materials to use for your project, obtaining permits, and designing complete 2D architectural plans and elevations as well as 3D renderings. We will also work hard to insure that we stay within your budget every step of the way. Our experienced and honest sub contractors will then meet with you to go over the construction schedule and plan before we start to build. Our builders are not only very skilled, but are respectful individuals that will do their best to make their time spent in your home a pleasurable one. We pride ourselves on the ingenuity of our design and the quality of our craftsmanship, and have many happy clients to show for it. We are flexible in our approach, and can also provide our design and build services separately to suit your needs.

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We provide all pre-construction and construction services needed for home remodels. With our experience and expertise in all forms of home remodel, we will insure that your remodel blends seamlessly with your existing home.

Remember, if you can dream it, we can build it!


Here is a list of just some of the services we offer:


  • Partial and Whole-House Remodeling

  • House Additions

  • First and Second Floor Additions

  • Engineering

  • Kitchen Remodels and Expansions

  • Bathrooms Remodels

  • Design Services

  • Bedrooms and Master Suites

  • Tune Up Build Services

  • Decks

  • Sunrooms

  • Family Rooms

  • Landscaping and Pools